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I blinked.

W-was I going to be able to sit with the boys..?

I glanced back to see which members I would be sitting with. There, smack right in the middle of the three seats, was Harry on the left, and Niall on the right.
I had to be dreaming, two of the five band members would be sitting on either side of me!

I slowly made my way back. I could feel the stares of my family, especially Abby. I could feel my face turning redder with every step I took. As I made my way to where I would be sitting, Harry stood up.

"Hello again." Harry winked. "Shall I assist you with your luggage?"

I blushed. "T-Thanks.."

I handed him my luggage one by one. He gently placed it in the compartment and then motioned me to come sit down.

"Ladies first?"

I nodded and sat down. I could feel my cheeks burn and my body start to shake.
I glanced over at Niall. He stared at me and smiled. His beautiful blue eyes captured me. His cheeky smile was just too adorable.

"We will be taking off now, please fasten your seatbelts." The flight attendant announced.

I quickly buckled mine. Take off was what I hated the most about planes.
It scared me how fast we would be going, and how we would then suddenly be lifted off into the sky.
Not to mention how bumpy and shaky a plane can be in the air.

I saw Harry look at me awkwardly in the corner of my eye.

"You okay, darlin'?" He asked.

"Huh? Oh, well, you see, take off always makes me sorta.. uneasy.."
Great. Now they would sit back and watch me make a fool out of myself.

"Really? I enjoy it; it makes my heart race!" Harry said with a cute baby-like laugh.

"You make my heart race, Harry." Someone said in a flirty tone.

I cocked my head to the side. Louis Tomlinson sat there laughing at Harry. Oh Louis! He was the funniest of the five; in my opinion, that is.

"Oh, hello babe." Louis greeted with a wave.

I blushed. "Nice to meet you."

I faced back in front, still in a daze.
I, Cat, was sitting with One Direction.
I glanced out the window. My stomach insantly did a flip. In just a matter of seconds, we would be taking off. I braced myself by grabbing the arm chairs and tightly closing my eyes.

"Hey, you okay?"

I opened one eye. Niall was staring at me, his eyes focused on my face.

"She hates take-off, Niall." Harry butted in.

His head turned slightly. "Oh, really?"

"Yeah.." I mumbled.

That's when I felt something touch my hand. There, on top of my hand, was Niall's. It was warm, and soft. I felt like I was going to explode with joy, except it wasn't joy I felt. Instead, I felt the speed of the plane. I was pushed back in my seat. I clenched my jaw and ten seconds later, we were in the air.

There was a slight tossing and turning, but after a few minutes, the plane ride became smooth. Niall gently and hesitantly let go of my hand and began flipping through songs on his iPod. I released my grasp on the arm chair and grabbed my bag. I quickly picked out the newest addition of Seventeen.

A husky voice whispered next to me, "Seventeen"? It was Harry.
He glanced over my shoulder.
"Never heard of it? It's my favorite magazine." I said a little too quickly, turning the page.
"Nope, never ma'am." He replied with a cheeky grin.

I giggled. "I guess you wouldn't; it's mostly for girls."

"Then you should show it to Niall." Harry said with a wink, glancing across to see Niall shooting him an annoyed look.

"Oh shut it, Harry!" He exclaimed with a laugh.

I felt both their accents ringing through my ears. Five hours of sitting next to Harry and Niall, I had to make the most of it. I slipped my hand back in my bag and slipped out my iPod. It was green and had a sticker of 1D pointed on the back. I blushed as I pulled it out, hoping none of them would see it.

I flipped through the songs. I clicked on my Top 25. The top 15 were all One Direction songs.

I heard someone faintly suck their breath in hard. "You're a fan?" Niall asked with a hint of enthusiasm.

"She is?" Harry asked, looking over at me. I felt their eyes stinging me from both sides. I could tell them yes, but would I get off on the wrong hand?

"W-well, um.. yeah.." I murmured, lowering my head so they wouldn't see me blush.

"That's awesome!" Niall replied. His smile beamed from his lips, and I could tell he was actually happy about it.

"So you know who we are then? By names, I mean?" Harry asked.

"Of course!" I said loudly. I quickly covered my mouth. Great going. I didn't want to start unnecessary attention, but I guess that was too late, since Abby and Olivia both turned back and started giggling.

"Well still, I have to introduce myself properly. I'm Harry Styles, nice to meet you." He said with a smile and extended his hand. I shook it.

"I'm Niall Horan, nice to meet you um.." He paused. "Didn't quite catch your name."

"Me? oh um, I'm Cat. Nice to meet you both!" I told them, attempting to act calm with this whole situation of them asking for my name and now somehow knowing I exist after knowing them for almost two years.

"And these guys," Harry pointing to the seats over. "You've met Louis, and that's Liam and Zayn."

"Hello." I said with a quick wave.

"Hey there babe." Liam said. Oh god, Liam, the smart and sweet one. He was always nice to everyone he met, and is completely mature. The way he did Twitcams for the fans always made me smile. Danielle - his girlfriend - was so lucky to have a guy like him.

"Hey." Zayn said with a wave. Zayn, he was a good looking chap. I loved his laugh, and his Bradford accent made me melt. He's so sweet around his fans, he was always one of the boys that went up to them just to say hello.

"Hey." I smiled.

As the boys began in their small conversations, I casually sat there flipping through my magazines.

What would become of the next 5 hours? Who knows.. With One Direction; anything is possible.
couldn't think of a chapter name ^^;

Finnally doneee.

I've been working on this chapter for at least an hour.
Doesn't seem like it, but yeah, I have.
/has been watching the time o3o/
I put a lot of thought into my stories, I like making them at least semi-enjoyable :P

It will get better as it progresses, I promise. :D
I already have ideas for some future chapters. ^w^
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